imageNow living  in Farmville Virginia USA, but originally from London England, where I graduated with a distinction in art, and progressed to qualify as a member of the  Institute of Marketing.

The exciting and rapidly developing technology of Digital Photography, brings with it a whole new dimension of creating photographic images and designing web site page layouts.

A personal and comprehensive service is provided to cover all your photographic requirements, such as Portrait's (Color or Black and White), Family Groups in your home, (or your selected location), are just part of my activities, I also specialize in location  photo-shoots for Concerts, Awards, Functions, as well as Commercial Image creations, and Individual Personal Portfolios.

Commercial - Business - Family -

imagePhotographic Records, of your valuable works of Art, Paintings, Jewelery and Ornaments, which enables you to share their beauty as well as providing a method of identification in the event of loss.

Photo-Shoots, for  a variety of items, Web Sites (such as this one), Brochures, Leaflets, Catalogue Pages, and In Store and Shop Window retail displays.

Restoration, using the latest computer digital processing systems to restore and often improve those damaged historic family prints, edit and retouch/remove blemishes from individual portraits, remove objects from photographs, as well as creating striking and unusual visual effects.

Functions, be it a private party, a company event, or a public social event, I can set up an on-location photo studio indoors or out (subject to weather conditions) adding interest and providing a record of the people and the occasion.

Playback Monitor, on commercial photo-shoots enables us review the images at the time of the photo shoot, avoiding return dates, saving time and costs.

Photo DVD's, editing and compiling your selected photo's into sequence, (with or without a sound track) burning the DVD which you can then share with your family and friends.