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Photographic Services and Website Design

April 13, 2019

I regret to advise that  I have reluctantly decided to phase down and close my business, and retire.

This will be in stages:

1. Photographic Services: as at the 30th June 2019, I will no longer provide studio or location photo-shoots.
2. Website Design and Services: as at the 31st December 2019, I will no longer be providing services for your existing and/or
new websites.
3. Website Service: In the meantime, from now to 12/31/19, I will continue supporting, daily, weekly, monthly updates, client’s
deletions and new item insertions. This would include any client provided digital photographs that you submit for use in your website.
4. Website Internet Continuity: This phase down process will not in any way affect the presence of your website on the internet.
5. Website Copyright: This notification represents without any cost to you, my transfer to you without any reservations the Copyright
for the Design, Structure, Text Content and Digital Images contained within your website, as hosted by Kinex.
for, Website Domain: http://www. . . . . . Your website ID is: XXXXXXXXX and the Password is: xxxxxxxxxx
6. Website Construction: I used internet standards, compliant HTML4 and 5, CSS coding, and software such as ‘Expression Web 4 pro’ – ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’. – Adobe Flash Video. – HTML5 Video – Juice-Box Pro’ Photo Albums – Java Scripts – WOW Sliders etc.
7. Website Service Options: I am not able to provide any contact names in the local Farmville VA area.

In closing I would most sincerely thank all my client’s, past and present for their support and business over the years.

“Wishing you all the best for the future”
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